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Laquinta Inn & Suites was looking to get the entire exterior of their property cleaned, from roof to siding to concrete. They were prepping for the Track & Field World Championships. They had a small window of opportunity to get it completed before the event and were able to fit them into our schedule at a very affordable price that beat out our competitors.

We used a lift to get us to the rooftop, and coordinated logistics with a car dealership next door to enter their parking lot with the lift in order to complete the job in a timely manner. Maneuvering the lift around the property was difficult with a car dealership on one side and a river on the other with a very narrow pathway and unlevel terrain, but we were very careful.

During completion, a regional manager had shown up to see the work himself and even before we were done with the job, he cut us a check in the full amount. We now have a regular maintenance schedule and are looking to add our services to Laquinta and their partners in Oregon.

We dedicated five days to complete the project and finished in three – the managers were really happy!