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Gates and Entryways

When working with an exterior specialist make sure you try and make their job as easy as possible. For instance, whether you are at home or not during the service, make sure all gates and entryways, that are necessary, are unlocked and unobstructed for the exterior specialist or else the job cannot be completed. A return trip fee may be applied.

Outdoor Accessories

Make sure that anything (door mats, pots, hanging plants and decorative items, bird feeders, hoses, tools, toys, equipment, furniture, etc.) up next to the house that can be easily removed or moved out of the way is, in fact, moved. Our exterior specialists are not movers, moving a couple items isn’t an issue, but in order to give your house the proper treatment quoted and charged to you, having any obstructions out of the way makes the application and wash work efficiently and effectively. If items are too close and cannot be removed, we suggest covering them with a tarp.

Windows and Doors

Close all windows and doors. Locking some might make the seal tighter, further ensuring protection from the spray outside. If your windows and doors have a special finish or coating that can be damaged by water or chemicals, mention these to your exterior specialist so they can either avoid them, or if you choose to cover them yourself or pay a small fee to have them covered by your exterior specialist for safety.

Exposed Electrical Outlets or Features

For an extra fee, electrical outlets that aren’t properly protected will be covered at the clients expense. The last thing your exterior specialist wants to do is pop breakers, GFI’s or blow something unintentionally. Pointing out these areas of concern beforehand with your exterior specialist can better protect you and them from accidents or possible injury.

Outdoor Lights and Fans

Some exterior lights and fans do not need an extra layer of protection, but then again, some do. Due to direct water exposure, it’s probably best to either:

  • Avoid these areas all together
  • Cover them yourself
  • Pay a small fee to have them covered for you.

Download/print our property preparation checklist to get the exterior of your property ready for us to come onsite.