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1. Client Contact

  1. Collect Client info
  2. Collect property info
  3. Schedule walkthrough

2. Walkthrough

Our main goal is to set Client expectations

  • Noting that some areas may not be fully cleaned
  • Excessive moss buildup for instance, having deteriorated the underlayer
  • Old boards that are rotten and may be further damaged by cleaning
  • Scan for troublesome areas
  • Roofing, gutters, fencing, moss buildup
  • Problematic drainage
  • Excessive debris

3. Assess Client’s needs

  • Are stowage services necessary?
  • Ensure that before leaving, all questions and concerns are answered and understood

4. Detailed Itemized Estimate

  1. Deliver the itemized estimate within 48 hours of walkthrough
  2. Client will determine which of the recommended services they would like to accomplish
  3. Update itemized estimate based on Client’s choices
  4. Receive approval from Client on final estimate
  5. Schedule date and time that works with Client’s schedule
  6. Ensure access will be made available to the property

5. Ensure Client Satisfaction

We want the client to feel confident in our quality of work and comfortable to call us with any further needs

  1. If Client is around on day of service, make sure to check-in with them after finished
  2. Notify Client to review our work over the next couple days (it can be difficult to spot missed areas when the surfaces are still wet)
  3. If Client requests follow-up remediation, schedule a session in the next 7 days

6. Request Google Review

Collection of client testimonials is paramount for the continuation of War Pony Exteriors